We have come a long way with coffee. I remember Mom and Dad having a big percolator on the stove for making coffee. Then Joe DiMaggio and his Mr. Coffee became the new way to enjoy the drink.

Automatic drip coffee makers are still around but with the surge of Starbucks and similar companies, many people started getting their coffee outside the house. For the last several years we have seen the popularity of machines like the Keurig where you put in a pod and make a single cup of coffee.

Now a company called Steeped Coffee is taking us back to a simpler time with a simple idea.

Steepe Coffee logo

Steeped Coffee bags are filled with fresh, direct trade coffee that’s roasted locally in small batches and precision ground to the micron. Basically, you add hot water to a cup and let the coffee in the bag steep. Though they resemble a tea bag, these are bigger and have a lot of coffee in the bag.

Steeped Coffee bag
Steeped Coffee Bag

Two main benefits came immediately to mind. One, if you don’t have, or have access to, a coffee machine or store you can have a great cup of coffee. So you can be camping or at an office or wherever you might not have a coffee maker.

Second is the environmental impact. The currently popular coffee pods are usually single-use plastic containers that contribute to the global plastic problem. Steeped Coffee bags and packaging are 100% compostable. But the proof is in the taste. I shared each of the 5 flavors with various coffee drinking friends.

Steeped Coffee Flavors
Steeped Coffee Flavors

We sampled the:

  • Sunrise Blend – Light Roast
  • Eventide Decaf Swiss Water Process
  • Driftwood Blend – French Roast
  • California Blend – Medium Roast
  • Odyssey Blend – Dark Roast

We experimented with how long we steeped the coffee and were happy with the taste of all the blends. In fact, we had to check the packaging on the decaf becuase it tasted so rich.

One tester left her Dark Roast steep too long as she answered the door and said the cup tasted bitter after that but that was the only issue.

Their web page sells a 10 pack box for $15 and a 30 pack for $39 with discounts for subscribing.

If you need a quiet, ecologically responsible, make anywhere cup of coffee give the Steeped Coffees a try.