Lebanese Food

Well known Lebanese food includes savory dishes such as baba ghanouj, a dip made of char-grilled eggplant; falafel, small deep-fried patties made of highly spiced ground chickpeas, fava beans or both; and shawarma, a sandwich with marinated meat skewered and cooked on large rods.

And, of course, aimportant component of many Lebanese meals is hummus, a dip or spread made of blended chickpeas, sesame tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, typically eaten with pita bread.

For dessert look for baklava, which is made of layered filo pastry filled with nuts and steeped in date syrup or honey. Some desserts are specifically prepared on special occasions: the meghli, for instance, is served to celebrate a newborn baby in the family.

Arak is an anise-flavored liqueur. It is the Lebanese national drink.

At One World Day in the Lebanese Cultural Garden in Cleveland the chefs were making Saj Bread with Cheese, Zaatar (seasoning of Thyme, Sumac, Sesame and Salt) or Nutella.

Watch this video for an explanation of Middle Eastern (Lebanese) pastries at a Middle East Festival in Cleveland Ohio.  Pastries include Namoura, Ballourieh, Baklava, Bird’s Nest, Burma and more.


Lebanese food explained at Kan Zaman party

Pierre Bejjani of the Lebanese Cultural Garden introduced Wael Ayyad, owner of Kan Zaman Middle East restaurant in Cleveland. Kan Zaman hosted the annual Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation Christmas party. Pierre then explained the food that would be served including tabbouleh, hummus, baba ganoush and more.

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