Argentinian Food

We asked community leaders of various ethnic heritages to share some holiday traditions of their culture.

Here are some of the tastiest dishes that Argentinians like to serve around Christmas.

Ballpark Food

We have come a long way from the basic hot dog, peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

Flamethrower Sandwich
Flamethrower Sandwich

Chinese Food

Ball Ball Waffle from Hong Kong

One of the most popular street food stands at the 2018 Cleveland Asian Festival was Ball Ball Waffle from Hong Kong.  They made regular and chocolate chip and other flavor waffles in a waffle maker that produces little balls to eat.  The authentic Hong Kong style Egg Waffle is also called a Bubble Waffle.


Ethiopian Food

    • Injera Bread, Tibs, Stews and more

    • Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Ethiopian food platter
Ethiopian food platter

Hungarian Food

  • Blood Sausage, Head Cheese, Klobasa and Mangalitsa Pig Meat

  • Hungarian Gulyas (Goulash) – all you wanted to know

  • Hungarian Food from the Scouts Festival

  • Hungarian food at festival

Indian Food

  • Cucumber Raita (Cucumber in Yogurt)

  • Sweet and Sour Strawberry Snack

  • Rajma (Indian kidney bean dish)

Lebanese Food

  • Saj Bread with Cheese, Zaatar (seasoning of Thyme, Sumac, Sesame and Salt) or Nutella.

Mexican Food

  • Masa from the Cradle of Corn where Guatemala and Mexico meet

  • Making Corn a Super Food

  • Masa is the base of Mesoamerican food

  • Different tamale wrappers and fillings

  • Southern and Cleveland style tamales

  • How is lye used in cooking?

  • When would people make tamales?

  • First steps in making traditional tortillas and tamales

  • Next steps in making traditional tortillas and tamales

  • Grinding masa – the batter for tamales

  • Masa lasts a long time and is good for many things

  • Mexican food – every day and holidays

Middle Eastern Food

  • Green beans with meat on rice and other traditional Middle Eastern foods

Plant-based Foods

    • Gluten free, vegetarian options such as: Harissa Roasted Cauliflower, Sweet n Sour Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Thai Peanut Keto Miracle Noodle Salad.

Polish Food

For centuries, Polish people have enjoyed Packzi the week before Lent. 

In case you don’t know, Paczki (pronounced poanchkee) are very rich donuts, deep fried and then filled with fruit or cream filling and covered with powdered sugar or icing. Eating paczki is the traditional Polish way to indulge before the fasting in observance of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Paczki have been known in Poland at least since the Middle Ages.

See more about this Polish treat – Paczki


Russian Food

  • Shashlyk is like shish kabob and can be chicken, beef, pork, lamb and even fish. The meat is marinated and put on skewers and grilled on an open flame.

Pork Shoulder Shashlyk
Pork Shoulder Shashlyk
    • The Russian celebration of Maslenitsa also features Blini (crepes/pancakes) (maybe with a cup of Caviar), Baranki (pretzels), Pelmeni (dumplings), Sbiten (traditional hot herbal beverage) and Petushki (Russian lollipop).

Serbian Food

  • The national dish of Serbia is Ćevapi or ćevapčići a grilled dish of minced meat, a type of skinless sausage

  • Palatschinke (crepes) and Krofne (airy filled doughnuts) are also popular

Slovenian Food

Slovenian sausages (kranjske klobase) are cured and smoked and prepared from recipes brought to the United States by immigrants from Slovenia.

Vietnamese Food

  • Vietnamese Chicken Cabbage Salad

  • Vietnamese Summer Rolls